It's hard to understand exactly what goes through the mind of Kevin Durant, but at least we know one thing for sure now - it's a rollercoaster for him too. 

It's clear his mind is currently at peace with his decision to join the Warriors after he made a sneaker pretty much calling out those who criticized him over past year. He even followed it up by bashing the Thunder in one of the worst social media mistakes we've seen.

But at the beginning, it wasn't all jokes, fake accounts, and championships for Durant. It was a decision filled with regret. 

Before he was NBA Finals MVP, Durant was a man who was upset he left the Thunder behind. 

​​In all fairness to his agent, that hardware he earned this past season makes it seem like it was a good idea to let him do that to his life. 

Looking back at it now, it's hard to believe considering Durant said he didn't like playing for Donovan or the organization. But back then, it was the franchise he helped build into a perennial contender. 

Whatever the case, Durant has made things extremely complicated and controversial with his short fuse and fragile ego.