​Kevin Durant's face is now all over the 'Gotcha' papers. In a recent Twitter scandal, Durant was caught responding to a fan on Twitter via his official Twitter account, but was talking in third person.

It has since been discovered that Durant forgot to switch to his fake Twitter account to post the response which is why the tweets read like they do.

Essentially, Durant was trying to get his genuine feelings across without attaching his actual name to it, but all of that just blew up in his face.


That was KD's response to Twitter user @ColeCashwell's request that KD give him one good reason for leaving OKC, other than to chase a championship. The tweet has since been deleted and ​an apology has been issued, but the damage has already been done. It's now increasingly clear that KD can be a bit fraudulent.

While none of us truly know how tough it's been for Durant to make his transition from beloved darling of OKC to the most hated superstar in the league, the existence of fake Twitter accounts does come off as a little weak.

And 'weak' is beginning to increasingly be attached to Durant's name.

​​What we can compare this to is the move LeBron made when he elected to leave Cleveland for greener pastures in Miami.

While the situations aren't exactly the same, in that LeBron wasn't hopping onto an already put together team, what does come off as similar is the amount vitriol aimed at the two superstars from the fans for choosing to make their moves.

Times were tough for both of them in different ways, but James fought through it by taking the criticism head on. No fake Twitter accounts. If James had something to say, you got it from him, and you knew it was him. He too had to overcome his own personal hurdles in his career, most notably, getting the monkey off his back of being the King without a ring.

Now, no one dares to speak of LeBron in that way. He faced his demons head on, came out on the other side, and now we're unsure of whether or not he is the greatest player of all time.

Even after winning a championship, the chirping continues for KD. Will he ever come out on the other side?

The task at hand is to dispel the idea that he's weak, but that sentiment only grows stronger with the discovery of his fake accounts.

Durant is undoubtedly an all-time great talent, but will he be remembered as such, or for being weak? Durant and the King's games may be neck and neck now, but when it's all said and done, KD won't even come close to LeBron on the all-time rankings.

And that may have a lot more to do with KD's fragile displays off the court than his on-court talent.