​Everybody always wants athletes to talk more, elaborate, give more in depth answers, and often times, there's push back on the other end.

While we may want them to talk more, saying less usually turns out to be the more efficient way to go. Hardly anyone ever makes the news by being too politically correct, but a quick way to make headlines is by saying too much, and then putting your foot in your mouth. 

​Kevin Durant seems to have been the latest victim of that, and now he says he's going to scale back a bit on talking so much (as if he's already known to be some chatty Cathy). But we want more! 

There seems to be a conflict of interest.

​​So what's there to apologize for? 

Well, as we are all already painfully aware by now, KD left OKC. But why? One Twitter user decided to beat that dead horse just a little bit more, but in a surprising turn of events, KD actually reached out and gave a worthwhile response...which was believed to be an accident.

Okay, fact: Outside of KD and Russ the Thunder really weren't much to write home about. I mean really, their tandem was so good that they started to make Steven Adams look like an All-Star.

But where KD's comments get a little dicey is when he calls out coach Billy Donovan saying that he didn't like playing for him.

Unnecessary? I guess you can be the judge, but KD has since released a statement apologizing for the whole ordeal. To him at least, calling out his former coach was bush league and warranted an apology. Oh yeah, and this pretty much confirms KD has burner accounts where he spends time defending himself against internet trolls.

There's sure to be backlash regarding this and the fact that KD seemingly spends his spare time clapping back at people who criticize him because he can't handle the heat, so be on the lookout for more Twitter savaging from all parties.