​The Chicago Cubs are the defending World Series champs, and they wouldn't have broken their 108 year curse without one of their young studs, Kyle Schwarber, playing the role of powerful agitator.

However, the more and more we saw Schwarber play on an everyday basis, the more everyone realized he's destined for the American League and is probably a full-time designated hitter.

Unless the National League adopts the DH before next season, the Cubs are in line to once again massage the lineup on a daily basis to find the Schwarber regular at-bats, making it a good idea to move the inconsistent slugger.

​​The Cubs are stuck with Jason Heyward and they have quality young outfielders like Ian Happ and Albert Almora Jr. They also have utility man Ben Zobrist, who spends some time in the corner outfield spots, and will until his contract expires.

So technically they could move Schwarber for a young starter because they have the depth to fill the outfield, but I'm going a different direction and using a trade chip like Schwarber to address center field and the leadoff spot in one fell swoop.

The Boston Red Sox are last in the American League in home runs, and it's not a coincidence when you factor in the loss of David Ortiz. So why not go out and get your next Big Papi? If you're a Sox fan, you have to realize Hanley Ramirez can't fill those shoes at this point.

Schwarber would fit perfectly in the Red Sox lineup, and you know who would fill the void left by Dexter Fowler this season: Boston outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr.

While he doesn't do it for Boston, Bradley Jr. is certainly capable of leading off for the Cubs and he's another Gold Glove defender for Joe Maddon's outfield. Maybe there would need to be some other pieces added to the deal to make it happen, but a Schwarber-for-Bradley Jr. deal straight up works for both sides.

Especially when you factor in Boston's desire to add another impressive outfielder from Miami's fire sale (Christian Yelich? Giancarlo Stanton?), and maybe even Bryce Harper in one year's time...

By no means am I saying Kyle Schwarber is a lost cause, but the move to the outfield isn't working and trading him now before he's known as a .200 hitter and not a postseason hero is the smart thing to do.