​I've gone through plenty of permutations of potential touchdowns I'd have to present to you tonight.

Honestly, this one didn't make the list. Whew. Here goes.

Aaron Rodgers, desperately needing a scoring drive to open the second half, instead launched one backwards and let Desmond Trufant have another moment in the sun. Check out this nonsense.

And just like that, after a review you'd never be able to use to overturn the call, it's 31-7 Falcons.

Aaron's still only thrown one pick-six in his career, as this wobbly ball goes for a fumble instead. But boy, is Trufant doing a number on his confidence in this one.

Much like the last time these two teams met, this one at Mercedes-Benz is getting out of hand fast. And Julio Jones hasn't even really done much!