​This was the fight boxing needed.

While Mayweather-McGregor received all the fanfare, and rightly so--it was the richest fight on record, the lack of boxing etiquette and real technique involved disappointed boxing purists. 

The end result of of #CaneloGGG was controversial, which should surprise nobody that is a fan of boxing. This is just how it works.

Of course, twitter reacted accordingly. Here's some of the best.

In reality, while this does set up a rematch between the two parties, a draw doesn't satisfy us in the least, and is just incredibly obvious. Are we calling this fixed?

I'll let the tweets do the talking.

Seriously, what were the judges thinking.

We're all appalled, if you couldn't tell. I mean, come on.

One judge in particular got on our bad side.

Seriously, what were these judges thinking? PPV customers gotta be unhappy right now. 

Even Canelo fans were shocked.

GGG fans, of course felt much differently.

The rest of us just want to pull our hair out.

A rematch is all but guaranteed. Let's just hope we get an actual decision in that one.