​Some people would try not to make it awkward, but the Broncos aren't playing it like that. 

DeMarcus Ware called it quits after a phenomenal career this offseason. Ware is a surefire bet to make the Hall of Fame after dominating with the Cowboys and Broncos in his career, and the Broncos plan on honoring him come Sunday. 

The only problem? The Broncos are playing the Cowboys on Sunday. 

While it would normally be a nice honor for Ware to be celebrated in front of the two teams he battled it out for, he's said that isn't sure who to root for on Sunday. 

The Broncos have named him an honorary captain for their coin toss, though, in addition to honoring him with an on-field presentation after the first quarter. 

As for Ware, he plans on wearing a blue shirt with the letter "D" on it, while sitting at the 50 yard line. 

The man should be a politician with that kind of tact. As for the Broncos? Well played.