​With the disastrous season opener the Indianapolis Colts just went through, things are very tense surrounding the team. Especially surrounding quarterback Andrew Luck.

​Rumors circulated that Luck requested a trade from the Colts. However, they were just that. Rumors.

Luck's agent (and uncle) addressed those rumors, and said that they were "simply false."

​​The thing with rumors, is that players, and agents in particular, don't even bother to give it the attention that they are looking for.

The fact that Luck's agent has acknowledged these rumors could give us an insight into what is going on in Luck's mind. While the rumor was "shut down," it should certainly cause Colts' fans a reason to panic.

​​With the rest of the AFC South vastly improving, the Colts have seen their stock drop all the way down to the bottom of the standings.

Is Luck on the way out? Will the Colts be the next team to enter the "Tank for the QB" sweepstakes?

Only time will tell, but brace yourselves, Colts fans. This could be an ugly season.