​With the aftermath of the stunning 42-27 victory over the defending champion New England Patriots on Thursday night, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has shockingly said he doesn't expect to be with the team in 2018.

After passing for 368 yards and four touchdowns against the vulnerable Patriots defense, Smith led the Chiefs to a surprising win over Tom Brady in his return from winning Super Bowl 51. 

Despite taking home the ​Offensive Player of the Week honors to open the year, he sees himself in another uniform next season.

In an interview with reporter Graham Bensinger, Smith was asked if he thought this would be his final campaign with KC. 

His response? 

“For sure,” Smith told Bensinger. “It absolutely does. Without a doubt.”

As Kansas City selected Patrick Mahomes with the No. 10 overall pick in this year's draft, Smith understands his days with the Chiefs could be numbered. The 33 year old is still signed through next year, but he knows you have to prove yourself come playoff time if you want to remain with the starting job.

Mahomes completed 34 of 54 passes with 390 yards and four touchdowns with no interceptions in the preseason, which shows Kansas City has a good young quarterback ready to go.

It may be that Mahomes is in fact teaching the elder Smith some things about the quarterback position, as Smith threw a 75-yard pass to Tyreek Hill and a 78-yard pass to Kareem Hunt during the second half against the Patriots. 

Mahomes may be such a master of the deep ball that Smith is learning a lot from him, and he may very well be the starter in 2018.

Kansas City has made the playoffs in each of the last two seasons, along with three out of the last four. They have yet to make the AFC Championship game with Smith as the field general, and we'll see how it turns out for the remainder of this year heading into the following season.