​This young man is well on his way to having a fine NFL career. 

Dak Prescott has had one of the cleanest starts for a QB of any passer at the beginning of his career. In 498 passing attempts in his career, Prescott has thrown just four interceptions, which is truly ridiculous. 

In fact, he's actually closing in on throwing the fewest interceptions in the first 500 passes of his career. 

Unless Prescott throws two interceptions in his first two attempts on Sunday, he'll have broken the record for the fewest picks in his first 500 attempts. That's actually very possible against the No-Fly-Zone of Denver, so you never know. Either way, he'll tie the record for sure. 

What more can you say about Prescott? 

While he doesn't take as many risks as some other quarterbacks, he's 14-4 during his NFL career, which is impressive. Sure he has a great line in front of him and a stellar running back, but he still stays sharp even with those things. 

It's an impressive achievement, no matter how you slice it.