​It's ok to say you love playing for the Indians, Jay. They're unbeatable.

But you didn't have to bring us into it, dude.

The Mets aren't headed anywhere this season. They're fluttering around 20 games below .500 and have faced a gauntlet of injuries over the course of the year.

Staying in New York was beginning to seem like a bad business decision for the remaining players on the squad. Either you were bound to get hurt, or you were going to continue to suffer through a subpar season, while the New York press beat your head in because of how awful the year is going.

New York can certainly be a tough place to play, and that's especially true when you happen to be doing a lot of losing.

Subsequently, August mover-and-shaker Jay Bruce, now with the flaming hot Tribe, made no bones about his post-trade feelings. He clearly seems to be more than happy to be on the outside looking in on the Big Apple.

Bruce pretty much went from worst to first in a day. Getting off the Mets' sinking ship and onto the Cleveland Indians' run at the World Series is certainly a great trade-off in Bruce's favor.

I don't know if he had to say it so blatantly though. Shots were definitely fired.