Brad Ausmus is almost always furious these days. On Wednesday, he actually had a point.

The Tigers have been swept away by the Indians, much like the rest of ​Major League Baseball. Discussing your failures with the media is never an easy task, but it's especially frustrating when elements out of the team's control are brought to the forefront.

Ausmus was tossed for arguing over a Buck Farmer ball on a 3-2 count. After Ausmus and James McCann were ejected, the umpire was hit with a pitch on a suspicious passed ball.

As sketchy as this was, insinuating backup catcher John Hicks purposely lost the ball is blasphemous, at best. 

​After the event, the Cleveland broadcast was all over the Tigers, suggesting they were trying to send a message to the umpire. Understandably, when this was brought to Ausmus' attention, he wasn't happy about it.

Major League Baseball will surely look into this, but it's unlikely much will come of it. Detroit doesn't have a negative history with this umpire, so there's not much evidence to support the broadcast booth's claim.

Something that we're pretty sure has happened maybe five times in the history of baseball. Seems like trouble's brewing whenever ​Ausmus and the Tigers are around ​these days.