​Now that the Nationals have officially clinched the NL East (which is still...utterly insane), the team's full attention has turned to Operation Get Bryce Ready for October.

Luckily for the operation, they have plenty of banked time to get a jump on things, with so much somewhat-meaningless baseball before crunch time.

For Harper's part, he still appears to be taking it easy, but has also made the slightest step forwards in his efforts.

​​Light running isn't the best news we could deliver Nats fans, but it's better to hear Harper's on his feet than for us to report he's suffered a huge setback.

With just under 20 regular season games remaining, and only National League seeding left to be determined, we're more than fine if Harper doesn't rush back.

But in, say, a week or so, things may get a bit more urgent.