​On Monday night, the New York Yankees kicked off their "away" series against the Tampa Bay Rays in New York at Citi Field.

It was an unfortunate start for the Rays, as they're unable to actually play at home due to Hurricane Irma, and it only got worse when the game was underway.

The Yankees cruised to a 5-1 win with all five of those runs coming in the fourth inning including a three-run shot by Todd Frazier.

As Yankees fans cheered in the bleachers, the camera caught one Rays fan who was less than thrilled with Frazier's bomb, leading to this instant bit of Internet gold.

​​Thumbs down guy was sensational. From the outfit to the unspoken rage, this guy's "enthusiasm" won our hearts.

In fact, he may have even caught the eye of the man who cranked that bad boy into the stands. After an RBI single in the second inning, Frazier gave his own take on thumbs down guy.

​​Check and mate, Rays.

After how crazy thumbs down guy went after Frazier jacked that homer Monday, we can only imagine how exaggerated his expressions were this time.