​Ohio State's offense looked lost against the Oklahoma Sooners as they suffered their first loss of the season. 

A big part of the offensive struggles falls on J.T Barrett's ineffectiveness throwing the ball. Most have seen his struggles dating back to last years' battle with Michigan, and the blowout the Buckeyes suffered at the hands of Clemson.

While J.T is getting a lot of the blame for their struggles, Zach Boren went a different route.

Boren is one of the first to criticize the receiving group for the Buckeyes. In his case, their receiving group is young for the most part.

Former Buckeye Noah Brown is not having any of Boren's criticism of the receivers.

​​There is criticism to go all around for the offense that you can not pinpoint one thing. It's far too simplistic.

One certainty remains, and that is Barrett will be the Ohio State QB, at least for the time being.