It looks like there may be some bad blood between the San Fransisco 49ers and former team member Alex Smith. 

When speaking with journalist Graham Besigner about his time on the 49ers, the current Kansas City Chiefs QB did not hold back, saying the situation he was in on the team was "not healthy" and "really dysfunctional."

Watch the entire five-minute clip here:

It seems like Smith has the biggest issue with the culture of the entire building, which he described as a disjointed mess of sorts. It's especially discouraging to hear him say that this wasn't just a problem amongst the executives, but that it was amongst the team members as well. There's no reason any NFL teams should have any sort of "side-taking."

It's even worse that 49ers fans couldn't even rally around the QB:

If there's anything I can pull from this interview, it's that Smith is much better off in Kansas City.