​The hype machine known as LaVar Ball has struck again. 

Judging LaVar's last appearance on ESPN's First Take, we knew two things were going to happen: A shouting match with Stephen A. Smith and something very outlandish. 

Both happened, but LaVar made a downright crazy prediction for the Lakers, led by his son, Lonzo Ball.

​​If you have been following LaVar for the duration of the year, you simply can not be surprised at this. His high opinion of his son is well documented, but not yet warranted. LaVar also believes Lonzo will keep Stephen Curry on shackles in the four games both teams meet.

As expected, Stephen A. nearly blew up because of it.

The pressure to perform that Lonzo has under his belt is large strictly due to his father. The only flip-side is that Lonzo seems way more relaxed, and does not let much get to him.

The Lakers probably won't win 50 games, but improvements are definitely on the horizon.