It's no secret the NFL has made some enemies amongst fans over the past year or two.

It looks like New England fans aren't the only ones taking up arms and heading to war with Roger Goodell. The Patriots may have their reasons to hate the Commissioner, but at least the league didn't take New England's team from them. 

During the Chargers three-game home stand, one former San Diego fan will remind the NFL that those who have, or will have their team relocated won't forget what the league has done to them with five different digital billboards. 

​​Just when we thought it couldn't get better than the Goodell clown billboard outside of Gillette on opening night, we get this gem of an idea. 

Joseph McRae, a former San Diego fan, has designed a digital billboard ad that will feature fans of the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams about losing their team to new cities in five different anti-NFL messages. 

This wasn't just a spur of the moment idea. McRae launched a GoFundMe campaign asking disgruntled fans who have seen their team plan to relocate to support his cause about sending a message to the league. Over a few weeks, it raised over $10,000. 

As if the Chargers​ weren't already having a hard time getting fans, a huge sign bashing the move outside their stadium probably won't help too much.