This is what getting old feels like, I guess.

​The Minnesota Vikings came out firing on Monday night against the New Orleans Saints, proving why they're this year's sleeper in the NFC North. The Vikings are led by coach Mike Zimmer, quarterback Sam Bradford, and a high-flying defense that punishes opposing offenses for four quarters each week.

​Now, oddly enough, they'll be hiring a new face of leadership through the "lens of the Gen Z population." Yeah, seriously.

​​Apparently, Gen Z is the post-Millenial age group that was born between 1996 to the present. Jonah Stillman, an 18-year-old Gen Z expert from Minnetonka, Minnesota, has enough expertise on this population that the Vikings hired him to serve as a Gen Z consultant.

Nice and good?

While you have to feel good for the recent high-school graduate, it's fair to wonder what exactly is going on here. Obviously, the Vikings want to engage their younger demographic of fans and are using a figurehead such as Stillman to initiate that plan; without a true grasp on what exactly a self-proclaimed Gen Z guru aims to do, there's cause for authentic confusion.

​​Best of luck to Jonah Stillman- now an NFL pioneer in his own right- in his endeavors with the Minnesota Vikings.