This season under the new Nike deal, NBA teams are each getting four new uniforms. 

The first two Sixers ones were released previously, and now the third one is out. And it is absolute fire. 

These new uniforms are great. They seem to be a new modern jersey of some Sixers throwback uniforms. The Sixers have recently gone back to the stars on the side of their jerseys, which is a nice touch.

If there is one thing you can knock about the jerseys, it's the font. It's not the worst font, but the I and the X seem a bit weird. But, that is something you can easily look past. Because overall, Nike did a great job here.

These are actually the uniforms the Sixers will be wearing on Christmas Day this year against the Knicks. The league is no longer doing special Christmas Day uniforms under the new Nike deal. Just four new uniforms.

There is still one more new Sixers uniform to go. And if the first three have been any indication, it should be another great one.