All the naysayers and critics will say Gus Malzahn should be fired and done with. Yeah, he’s put up the worst offensive performance since he became a college coach, but here’s why he’s not done yet at Auburn.

Malzahn made a promise that his offense would be put back together by the end of the season, and although that may be too long for many to stomach, he’s promised to make changes.

Chip Lindsey, Auburn’s offensive coordinator, would move to the booth rather than accompany Malzahn on the sidelines. Malzahn said the booth is Lindsey’s “comfort zone,” considering he called plays from above for two seasons at Arizona State.

As Lindsey enters the booth, offensive line coach Herb Hand will move down to the sideline.

“He thinks it’ll be a good thing for him to get around his offensive line up front,” Malzahn said before adding: “Those are the changes there, and I think (they) will definitely help.”

Beyond these easy fixes, Malzahn said he knows what the breakdowns were in his offense that only recorded 117 yards against Clemson on Saturday. It’s his job to fix them.

Malzahn originally said there will be no shuffling along the offensive line, but then told reporters he will see how practice goes. He knows it’s his and offensive coordinator’s job to put their players in the best positions on the field.

As for the Tigers’ defense, it is one of the best in the country. “We have a very good defense, we have a good kicking game and we’re going to improve on offense,” said Malzahn.

“Our goals are all still intact. We’re a good football team. Obviously, we didn’t get it done on one side of the football. That’s frustrating for me. It’s very frustrating for our coaches.”

Malzahn closed his interview with reporters by saying the team will put their loss to Clemson behind them and move forward, focused on Mercer this weekend.

“We’re going to play well, and we need to improve each week. We have the makings of a good football team,” said Malzahn.

He could be right; Auburn could turn this around and become a great team this season. We will see how the team shows up this weekend.