Finally, the news we've all been waiting for, 

It's been a roller coaster the last few weeks for long snapper Jon Dorenbos, but not one of those rides you'll ever want to go on ever again. After being shipped to New Orleans, an aortic aneurysm was found in his heart. 

It was a life-changing trade, but still a terrifying situation considering he still had to undergo open heart surgery. Now we know Dorenbos is officially out of the woods. 

Doug Pederson shared the good news, stating everything went fine with Dorenbos and his surgery. 


That's the best news you'll hear all day. 

Dorenbos is supposed to make a full recovery, but it's still important to know he made it out of surgery with no complications. 

He may not be able to play this season as he was placed on the IR and cut by the Saints after they found out about his ailment, but this is proof that sometimes things are bigger than football.

We wish him a speedy recovery.