ESPN is in the process of releasing their Top 100 players rankings. And some players aren't taking too kindly to where they are being ranked. ​In Dwyane Wade's case, he wasn't ranked at all.

Clearly Wade did not take too kindly to seeing that he wasn't ranked. 

But why are players so worked up about where the are ranked based on these opinions. Wade isn't the only player complaining. In fact, his buddy Carmelo Anthony had something to say about it too.

Melo was ranked 65th in the ESPN rankings. He did not think that was respectable enough for him.

Now, do both of these players have valid arguments? Probably. It's tough to name 64 players who are better then Melo. And last year, Wade was ranked 40th. In just one year, at least 60 players have become better then him? They each have an argument.

But for an NBA player, rankings that mean nothing seems to be a dumb thing to get worked up about.