​It took 15 innings last night, but the Phillies finally beat the Marlins 8-7. However, the Phils thought the game was over much sooner than that.

It appeared as though Hyun-Soo Kim had hit a walk-off two run single in the bottom of the ninth. And everyone was pumped! Rightfully so! They tossed gum and seeds on the field like there was no tomorrow. 

Not only was there a tomorrow, but there were also six more innings. After a review at the plate, the game was only tied at seven. Cancel the party!

The Phillies, of course, had already celebrated as if they had won the game, and when they found out the game was, in fact, not over, they had to do a bit of clean up.

I guess the Phillies were just anxious to celebrate a win. They don't get to do this often.

But Dee Gordon scooping up loose gum, while knowing he's about to play six more innings, is the weirdest thing you'll see all Wednessday.