The Florida Gators will add a new helmet decal that honors the people of Florida who suffered from Hurricane Irma and those who acted as responders to help others.

The decal is a simple blue outline of the state of Florida that will be seen on player’s helmets this weekend in their home game against Tennessee.

After Hurricane Harvey devastated the state of Texas,​ the Gators added a decal to pay respects to the lives lost during the disaster.

The decal was a teardrop with the Texas state flag inside of it. The Gators were first seen with the decal when they made their season debut against Michigan in Arlington, Texas.

These decals may just be a small gesture of respect, but they symbolize unity. No matter what team you’re on, no matter what state you’re from, we all stand together in times of despair.

Officials considered moving the Florida-Tennessee game to either Tennessee, a different stadium or another day due to hurricane trauma, but UF released yesterday that the game is still set to be played at Be Hill Griffin Stadium at 3:30 Saturday.