​Someone called the fire brigade, because the Oakland A's twitter just got burnt to a crisp.

With the Cleveland Indians matching Oakland's majestic "Moneyball" win streak from 2002 on Tuesday night, there's been a lot of '02 A's content in the news lately. And with social media being a record of our every move, there are plenty of skeletons to drag out of closets.

This particular skeleton takes the form of an old tweet from July of 2016, after the Indians went on an impressive (at the time) franchise-best 14-game win streak.

When the Tribe lost, the A's took it upon themselves to celebrate that their AL-record 20 game win streak remained intact.

​​In light of recent events (that record has, of course, been equaled), the Indians twitter decided to dig up the A's old tweet--and proceeded to savage them for it.

Yowza. Guess A's twitter should stick to petulant feuds with '90s bands.​​