When will this "rumor mill" finally break and stop spewing nonsense? 

We see it all the time in sports. Players react a certain way to their situation or there's someone "close to them" that claims they're feeling frustrated and aggravated about their team and their circumstances, and then all of a sudden, every "source" out there claims they're on the move. It's ridiculous. 

Now, that nonsense has reached the doorstep of the Indianapolis Colts. 

On ESPN's Mike and Mike, the two hosts discussed how Andrew Luck was unhappy with his situation in Indy and could look to be traded. According to these "sources", Luck is frustrated with how he played through his injury which, you know...he did himself.

​​Thanks, Mike and Mike!

It's absolutely insane to think Luck would demand a trade at this point due to his injury and the roster around him, even if they do make the Jets look good. 

Does he have a reason to be frustrated? Yes. The Colts have little to no talent around him and barely look like a college team when he's not on the field. The team has missed on draft pick after draft pick over the years (except TY Hilton), and look awful on both sides of the ball. 

Their coach doesn't even know who they're playing at this point.

Yet still, he shouldn't, and likely doesn't want to be traded due to the situation he's in. Luck was the one who played through the injury, and he was never forced to. As for the players around him, he knew it would be tough to change things overnight when he signed a massive contract extension last July. You can't build a championship team overnight, although the Colts should at least start trying. 

Don't worry, Indy fans. The one bright glimmering hope you have on your team isn't going anywhere. This is dumb.