The Oakland Athletics are a small-market team who famously implemented "Moneyball" tactics into their front office. As a result of their strategy, the A's have had ups and downs throughout the last 20 years, culminating in multiple playoff appearances, but failing to produce the winning formula.

​The last two campaigns have not been as kind to the A's, who have failed to hit the 70-win plateau and are dangerously close to finishing below the number again this season.

​With the Oakland Raiders set to move to Las Vegas by 2019, Oakland sports couldn't be sinking any faster. That's not stopping the the A's from planning their $500-million dollar stadium by downtown Oakland's Laney College.

​​The A's moved forward with plans to build their new home, which team president Dave Kaval plans on housing the Athletics by 2023. 

The idea was to build the stadium close to downtown and the waterfront.

​​The ​organization sent shockwaves through baseball when they announced their plans back in April, but many doubted that the A's would come through on their promise. It appears they intend to do so, meaning that the franchise isn't leaving their beloved city any time soon.

​The Oakland Coliseum is a dump, so this is a win-win for A's fans who want to see their team rooted in Oakland forever.