As the 2017 NBA season is quickly approaching, Sports Illustrated released a list ranking the 100 best NBA players. Our Detroit Pistons had four players make it onto the list.

#51 Andre Drummond 

After a disappointing season, Drummond fell 12 spots from last seasons list. Drummond averaged fewer points and fewer rebounds this past season than he did the year before. Still full of potential, Drummond has to step it up in order to return to the top 50.

#54 Avery Bradley 

The newest Piston could very well be the best player on the team this season. Bradley brings elite defense and a consistent shot to the Pistons backcourt. If Bradley is any better than last season he will be a lock to climb into the top 50.

#78 Reggie Jackson 

I really don’t know how Jackson made it onto this list. After a season of injuries and defensive insufficiencies, he would not make my list of 100 best players, let alone No. 78. Like Drummond, Jackson has a lot to prove if he wants to climb back into the ranks of elite point guards in the league. If he plays like he did last season, I expect him to be traded away mid season.

#81 Tobias Harris 

Harris was the Pistons leading scorer last season, putting up 16.1 PPG. I would have put Harris above teammate Jackson. Harris is a more efficient scorer and a better defender than Jackson. Going into this season Harris could see his scoring numbers increase once again.

What do you think of the Sports Illustrated top 100 list?