​Don't mess with NBA Twitter. It's literally probably the only Twitter you shouldn't step to, and if you decide to, you better have some damn good backup zingers, because it's a fast game out there.

The Denver Nuggets once again epitomized this on Tuesday when an NBA fan decided to go in on one of their tweets for no apparent reason.

The Nugs were just trying to have some fun!

Was it a little lame? I don't know, I don't mess with NBA Twitter. But this dude does.

DAMMIT HARRY. DAMMIT. You're calling out their trick shot and are gonna give them a friggen layup?!

You are toast, my man.

RIP, Harry Avery. The young man joined Twitter in 2013 and was just trying to start a career in dropping dope beats.  

Then came the Nuggets, who used fewer than 140 characters to put the poor kid six feet under.

Maybe Denver will have a moment of silence for him before their home opener.