Hopefully more people will follow his lead on this issue. 

​Whenever a team is bad in the world of sports, their focus usually becomes about looking ahead. Fans and pundits grow impatient, especially in pro sports, but now that could becoming an issue in college. 

Kirk Herbstreit has caught wind of that type of situation, and he seems adamant about putting an end to it. 

Ohio State's top two recruiting targets have now called for the team to move away from J.T. Barrett and go with Dwayne Haskins instead. That prompted Herbstreit to call out those recruits, as it isn't their place to make these comments. 

Obviously Ohio State isn't going to be influenced by the thoughts of two recruits. Even if these guys pick other schools, the Buckeyes have already put together a stacked class, and they're always going to get theirs. 

But could this affect a lesser program more desperate for impact players? Everyone likes a little bit of power, especially a high school kid. It's possible that they might be moved to pick a school if they could call shots on the field. 

It probably won't happen, but it's wise of Herbstreit to call them out now.