​The man actually has a point. 

Every year, ESPN releases a list of all the top basketball players, and every year, someone gets upset about it. The purpose of these lists is to create debate and anger the athletes on them, so they're very effective in that respect. 

This year, they got C.J. McCollum, but his comments might actually clap back in an effective way. 

McCollum called for a ranking of journalists, and a list of their strengths, weaknesses and how often they make up sources when writing stories. While this may seem like pointless anger, there's an interesting point to be made. 

And it looks like Andre Iguodala is willing to give him a hand.

Journalists aren't anywhere near as famous as athletes, but they still draw a ton of attention. Adam Schefter has 6.7 million Twitter followers, which is quite a following. McCollum brings up a good point about accountability here. 

Athletes are often held to an extremely high standard when it comes to accountability, both on and off their field of play. That's generally attributed to the fact that they're looked up to by so many. 

While journalists aren't looked at in the same way as athletes, people depend on them to provide accurate and quality information. They aren't always held accountable to that standard, and McCollum made an interesting point about that. 

I'm sure there are plenty of journalists that would be upset about their placement if there was a ranking for them. Let's see if McCollum and Iguodala trail blaze this unforeseen path.