Amazon is smart with their financial moves, and what's a smarter investment than khakis?

Jim Harbaugh loves his khakis, and you'll be able to see a lot more of them this year with Amazon's newest show. 

The company green-lighted for the production of a "Hard Knocks" style show following the 2017 Michigan football team. 

"The series will give Prime members unprecedented access to the winningest program in college football, chronicling Michigan’s 2017 season," Amazon said. "The cameras will follow Coach Harbaugh, his assistant coaches, the student athletes and their support system on and off the field."

We've seen how entertaining NFL football teams can be, it's about time to see historic college programs in the works. 

We'll be able to get an "inside look at the team, game, practice, life in Ann Arbor."

HBO's been ahead of the game with all of their programming, and Amazon's trying to play catch up. 

Even if you're not a Wolverine fan, this show will be worth watching.