The Los Angeles Lakers will honor Kobe Bryant in a big way this coming season. After reports surfaced that the team would be retiring his number on Dec. 18 against the Warriors, some more awesome news followed that.

They're retiring both of his numbers.

And it makes perfect sense.

There has been a debate of which number to retire since Kobe was dominant while donning both numbers. It was a shock for some to hear that he will both numbers retired, but looking at his stats, they were amazing, and oddly identical.

Keep in mind that Kobe did play fewer games while wearing No. 24. With that said, was there any question that both deserved to be retired?

Without question, Kobe's number retirement will be the bigger than any Lakers game in the past three years, excluding his retirement game.

If Kobe is not the one man that built the Staples Center, he sure is one of the architects.