​This contract was amazing for the Nationals. 

And it's still got one more year left in DC.

While Gio Gonzalez has had his struggles in Washington, he's been pretty effective during his tenure with the Nats. With an option that would only vest if he hit 180 innings this season, he knew he had to bring it in 2017. 

He did just that, and now the Nats will have him under contract for a steal next year at $12 million. 

Gonzalez has been a Cy Young candidate this year by putting up outstanding numbers at the top of Washington's rotation. A 2.50 ERA is fantastic, and he's been as good as anyone in the league in 2017. 

He's turning 32, which should be the tail end of his prime. While pitchers can often see a dip in their velocity, and Gonzalez already has, it's far less likely to affect his career because he's a lefty, which makes it easier for him to thrive without great speed. 

This is great news for the Nats, who might've had to make a tough call about Gonzalez during his age-32 season. He likely would've cashed in after this season, and probably would've left the Nats in free agency. 

That means he'll either have to match his performance next year, or take less on the open market. Either way, it's a win for the Nationals.