​While us sports fans get good analysis from other media outlets, it is a given that we will get our share of hot takes.

What is also a given is that NBA player rankings get it wrong seemingly every year. This year was certainly no different as the non-beneficiary to the rankings is Carmelo Anthony.

According to ESPN, there are 63 players better than Melo.

Adding on, Sports Illustrated believes that Khris Middleton, who played 29 games last season is also better than Melo.

Melo is aware of this nonsense, and is not buying into it not one bit.

We have seen this before; media outlets making outlandish statements to be a trending topic on social media. 

This is a total slap in the face for a guy that basically carries the New York Knicks night in, and night out. There is no way both ESPN and Sports Illustrated believe that Lonzo Ball is currently better than Melo without playing a regular season game.

Someone needs to be held accountable for this, because this is blasphemous to the highest degree.