​Only Bill O'Brien could make an easy decision so difficult. 

The Texans were utterly embarrassed by the Jaguars in Week 1, a performance that saw the offensive line give up 10 sacks and the team never really compete. Deshaun Watson relieved Tom Savage at half time, and looked slightly better than the veteran, but O'Brien is still playing coy about his starter for this Thursday.

Watson is expected to start, though, and O'Brien is only hurting his team by dragging out this ordeal.  

​​Watson will start on Thursday, that much is certain, but O'Brien has gone on record saying that he might not make a decision until the day of the game against the Bengals. That would be foolish, because Watson is on the injury report, and making him exert himself on a bad ankle is completely unwise. 

The gap between Savage and Watson probably isn't all that wide at this point, but it's obvious that Watson is only going to get better as a rookie, whereas the veteran Savage doesn't have much room to grow. 

It's also important to note that the Texans are playing for both O'Brien's and general manager Rick Smith's jobs. Pushing Watson to start right now might ruin him in the long run, but they won't be around for a ruined Watson if they don't win games now. 

They have to do what's best for the team today and the future, and that means starting Watson, and not dragging this decision out any longer.