​There seems to be another NBA star brewing overseas.

Luka Doncic is an 18 year old who currently plays for the Slovenian national team, but has been receiving a lot of buzz as of late.

The hype around Doncic only grew louder after his 27-point performance against Kristaps Porzingis and the Latvian national team in Slovenia's 103-97 quarterfinal victory.

Doncic was already projected to be a high pick in the upcoming draft, but now, you can virtually book him going within the first five picks.

Doncic is a 6-7 guard, who can stretch the floor from deep and has the size to bang with the big boys down low when he so chooses.

If Doncic is anything like the revelation Porzingis was when he entered the league, someone is sure to be getting a transcendent talent.

Doncic is already doing big things at just 18 years old. Sending ​Kristaps packing is just another feat he can add to his extensive list of accomplishments.