Ahead of this coming NBA season, ESPN​ appears to be projecting some major slippage from ​Carmelo Anthony.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports has put out a top 100 players list at the onset of each NBA season over the last seven years, and last year's list had Anthony ranked at a respectable 31st in the association. 

It's just one year later, and ESPN is now singing a completely different tune. They have Anthony slotted to fall back more than double his rank from 2016.

​​Of course, Anthony fans aren't happy about that. Ranking him at 64th does ring of pure disrespect to a man who's averaged at least 20 points per game over the last 15 seasons. 

To say that there's 63 better than him in the league is certainly a slight, and much like his supporters, Anthony himself wasn't too happy about it either.

It's hard to stay Melo in the face of disrespect, but Anthony's done a pretty good job of holding up.

In the end, he has all season long to prove his doubters wrong and showcase what kind of talent he still possess. 

Though I must say, I'd feel some type of way too if I was an Olympian still putting up 22 and 6 a night, but was slotted behind a guy who hasn't even played a single game in the NBA yet.

​​That's tantamount to a slap to the face.