​The Washington Redskins haven't had the hottest start to the season so far, but they definitely have some hot jersey sales. 

As of earlier today, the team has three players in the top 30 overall NFL jersey sales:

None of these players are overly surprising to see in the upper echelon of jersey sales, as they're all well-known stars of the league. 

It looks like cornerback Josh Norman is leading the pack for the team in sales, ranking No. 6 overall for defensive players:

Probably not going to help with curbing his ego, but still, nice.

This puts them up in the ranks of teams like the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, who perennially have numerous players ranked at the top of the jersey sales. While they may still have a ways to go before they can match these teams on the field, we can look at this as a start. 

Congrats, guys.