​Just when we thought the Ezekiel Elliott case was over, we find out that it's likely just starting. 

Knowing the NFL and Roger Goodell are trying their best to prevent it, Elliott will play the entire season. 

If you drafted David Johnson No. 1 overall in fantasy, I'm sorry. If you waited a few rounds to pick up Elliott, you got the steal of the year. 

Although Zeke lost the appeal to have his six-game suspension reduced, he still won the injunction case in Texas District Court, giving him a temporary restraining order and preventing him from having to serve his suspension during his lawsuit against the league. The league filed an appeal, and Jerry Jones wouldn't commit to Zeke playing all season, but he will. Trust me. 

Elliott is just another example of legal precedent (a court makes a decision in the past [Brady and Deflategate] and typically doesn't overturn that decision unless there are extenuating circumstances to support). Because Brady already won his battle, and Zeke wasn't charged with anything by the court system, the court isn't likely going to overrule a ruling that's been enacted for a while. 

No way the courts overturn this precedent, at least not in Zeke's case

The most notable case of Roger Goodell using the Exempt List was in 2014 when he used it on Adrian Peterson during his child abuse trial. 

But Elliott's timeline will be similar to Tom Brady's in this situation. 

He'll likely be able to serve his suspension next season, not getting disciplined until April or at least until the season is over. 

The league is appealing the judge's ruling in the case, and has faired well in court in the past, but time is not on their side. With this process already leaking into the regular season, which they looked to avoid, they'll have to take the L and enforce the suspension next season. 

The NFL has been under scrutiny the past few years after poorly handling previous situations involving players' domestic violence cases. 

Even after they promised to do better in the future, Elliott's case is just another example of mismanagement.