​Talk about insult to injury.

Not only was Adrian Peterson booed mercilessly in his return to Minnesota as a member of the New Orleans Saints, he was erased from the Vikings record books.

In their 29-19 defeat of the Saints on Monday Night Football, the Vikings got 127 rushing yards from rookie running back Dalvin Cook. This breaks the Vikings record for rushing yards in a rookie debut, previously held by...yep, you guessed it.

The day went from bad to worse for Peterson and the Saints, who dropped their critical opener as well as losing offensive tackle Zach Strief to injury.

Peterson can be seen on camera​​, seemingly airing his frustrations to coach Sean Payton.


​​This is not how you want your season to start. 

For the rookie out of Florida State, you couldn't have scripted an opening game any better than this one. Cook was criminally underdrafted, and he's about to make the league pay.