​We entered the NFL season season knowing how complicated the New Orleans Saints' running back committee would be.

Adrian Peterson appeared to have not gotten that memo.

During the Saints' Week 1 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, Peterson was shown on the sidelines, where he appeared to yell at head coach Sean Payton. The longtime Saints coach then peered over his shoulders to look at Peterson, nodded his head, and Peterson then developed a look of absolute disgust on his face.

Peterson appears to be upset at the amount of carries that he is getting in the Monday night matchup. However, his carries are equal to fellow RB Mark Ingram, so it is hard to see why he would be so angry over this.

Is it the fact that he is facing off against his former team in the Vikings and wants to make a statement? Is it that he believes that he should get more carries than Ingram? Is it due to the fact that the Saints are down against the Vikings?

Regardless of the reasoning, it is only Week 1, and Adrian Peterson is already frustrated in New Orleans. 

However, he should have expected a decrease in carries when signing his deal with the Saints.