They may be in a hole right now, but no one on the planet expects the Patriots to stay down for too long. 

Over the years, we've seen New England suffer losses followed by everyone scrambling around and wondering if this is the end of the dynasty as we know it. After their recent loss to the Chiefs on opening night, it's nothing different. 

We all know one this for sure--Tom Brady is PISSED. 

After having the extra few days to stew after his loss, Brady is set to go off against the Saints. 

​​No one really wants to go against Tom Brady. You know what's worse than Brady? A pissed off, motivated Tom Brady.

“It’s probably easier when you’re getting right back to work,” Brady said. “It actually kind of sucked having three extra days to think about it and re-watch the game."

Sounds like someone is itching to get back out there and kick some you know what. 

We all know how competitive TB12 is. We saw what he did after he came back from suspension, and we've seen him bounce back from big losses in the past. Now that there's even a shred of doubt and that "0-1" record looming over him, you can bet he's not going to let this team continue the season with a losing record. 

 Good luck trying to stop this guy now.