​You see this a lot at football tailgates, and mainly colleges ones. 

What do you expect when a bunch of drunk college students get together, I guess? Fist fights, obviously. And this one had a big-time LSU knockout.

One punch, and out cold. 

What makes it even more crazy is the kid has a cast covering his entire right arm. And he still was able to generate the power to knock the other kid out. Obviously hitting him with the cast probably helped with that.

What does seem bizarre here is that the kid he punched didn't seem to be the one in the fight. It looked like it was the kid in the cast against the kid in the Odell Beckham jersey. But again, drunk college kids.

It is unclear what happened to start this fight. The filming only began as the fight was going on. Assuming these kids attend LSU, there is likely a good chance the people involved will face some sort of punishment.