​In each of their times, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are considered two of the greatest to ever play the game. 

Obviously Jordan is considered by many to be the best ever. And now in present day NBA, Steph Curry is one of the best in the game. And with that comes comparisons to other legends.

In a recent interview, Curry was asked about the comparisons. Instead of comparing them as players, he decided to compare them in another way.

“A lot of the younger generation who are watching the game now don’t remember seeing Michael play. Even the younger, younger generation don’t even know who Kobe is on the court. 

This is my time to do me and (to) get the most out of the game that I can. It goes with that off-the-court impression of being able to inspire kids to want to be like me when they grow up…That’s the goal for sure and there’s a huge opportunity to make that happen," said Curry.

So instead of looking at their games, Curry compared them from an inspiration standpoint. There were many people who looked up to Jordan when he played and the kids wanted to be like him. And the same thing could be said for Kobe.

Now, it's Curry's turn. He wants to inspire the younger generation of fans watching him play and make the kids want to be like him.