​None of that while Martellus Bennett is around!

The Green Bay Packers paid a pretty penny this offseason and invested in Pro Bowl tight end Martellus Bennett from the New England Patriots. The talented TE will be a great target for Aaron Rodgers, but he's worth much more than that. 

Bennett is a great presence in the locker room, and is someone that will always go to bat for his teammates. He proved that once again against the Seahawks in Week 1. 

After Rodgers took a questionable hit from Seattle LB K.J. Wright, Bennett came right to his side, shoving Wright to the ground for the disrespectful play. 

Unfortunately, Bennett did draw the personal foul for this play, as Wright got off scot-free. However, it's the principle of the thing that matters here, as Bennett just showed what kind of teammate he is to his new squad. 

That's what football is all about, folks.