Stephen A. Smith​, you know better than this bro. Well, you clearly don't, but you should. 

Matt Stafford became the highest paid player in NFL history just a couple weeks ago, getting a massive $135 million deal from the Lions to continue serving as their franchise quarterback. 

However, he also gave the Lions a heart attack starting the season, throwing a pick six on the first throw of the year. Not a great start, and Stephen A. decided to savage him for it on Twitter.

​​At the time, that probably sounded like a reasonable take. 

However, four touchdowns and a massive comeback win over the Cardinals later, and that take seems pretty rough to sell to the masses. 

The Lions noticed, and decided to take their talents to the troll back at the legendary ESPN personality. 

Yeah, I think four touchdown passes and a huge win to start the year is a pretty decent way to earn your contract. ​​

The Lions didn't stop there either. 

And neither were their fans. 

Stephen A., you know what do to. 

Take a seat and take the L.