​After not having a football team for years, Los Angeles now finds themselves with two teams.

Last season was the Rams' first season in LA, and now the Chargers are moving up the coast to join them.

With the Rams having their season opener at home this year at the Memorial Coliseum, it appears not many fans are fired up, as the stadium is nearly empty.

​​There are many methods of entertainment in Los Angeles, and it appears the Rams are not at the top of the list.

The honeymoon season is over for them, and considering they did not have a very good inaugural one, they may have lost some fans. The team clearly looks a little more competitive in 2017 but, uh, no one's noticing. The Chargers home opener against the Dolphins during Week 2 was even stranger. Since they were playing at the StubHub Center, a literal soccer stadium, the locals found themselves overrun with Dolphins fans.

The NFL is back, but fans in Los Angeles are not. The Rams and Chargers might have trouble filling their seats until one of them gets into playoff contention.