Notre Dame suffered a tough loss against Georgia last night, and head coach Brian Kelly was not happy. 

He was asked about the team going forward in a post game interview, and he really did not provide much information. 

The above conversation is just one incident of Kelly being short with reporters and unwilling to answer any questions. While the loss stings, Kelly needs to be a professional and represent the university in a more positive light.

In the past, Kelly has received criticism for his behavior and this may be the final straw for fans and supporters of the team. Kelly has thrown players under the bus in postgame press conferences before and is consistently unpleasant toward the media. 

His level of success (f you can even call it a success) for the program is not nearly enough to out weigh his shortcomings as a coach and ambassador. 

Regardless of his record this season, many will call for his removal following the season. It will be an interesting situation to monitor for the rest of the year, and after that ND should make a move and kick Kelly to the curb.